Most Parents Use Holidays To Discuss Balance With Kids


Washington — During the holidays, 90 percent of parents use the occasion to prioritize setting guidelines and talking to their children about balance and candy consumption, according to NCA.

“From hanging candy canes on the Christmas tree to sharing chocolate snowmen with family and friends, there are dozens of ways Americans celebrate with confectionery this time of year,” says NCA President & CEO John Downs. “And behind those special treats are 55,000 confectionery employees in communities across the country working hard to make the treats that Americans will enjoy as part of a happy, balanced lifestyle — at the holidays and throughout the year.”

Consumers will find it easier this year to make these decisions, as the U.S. confectionery industry’s leading chocolate and candy companies are banding together under NCA’s Always a Treat initiative to give shoppers more information, options and support.

Looking at the coming holiday season, NCA anticipates more than three-quarters of U.S. consumers will give confections to friends and family with total sales projected to reach $1.9 billion. Among the most popular items to include in stockings are foil-wrapped chocolates (36 percent) and candy canes (22 percent).