Peatos Brand Refreshed, Crunchy Onion Rings Debut


Los Angeles — Snack It Forward, LLC has updated the packaging and branding for its Peatos pea-based snacks and is debuting Crunchy Onion Rings in classic and Fiery Hot varieties.

The brand refresh included transitioning the line from pouches to pillow packs with updated graphics. Nick Desai, Peatos CEO, tells Candy & Snack TODAY the packaging change was necessary because most salty snacks come in the pillow format, noting the new packaging better communicates the brand’s position in the market.

Classic Onion Bag Front

“The rebrand was prompted by efforts to more clearly communicate the nature of our products to consumers, as well as expand from a single product to a platform of pea-based ‘junk food,’” Desai explains. “Rebranding Peatos allows us to keep the brand equity we have while still allowing us to introduce new products.”

Part of the expanding platform, new Crunchy Onion Rings, which are similar to Funyuns, come in 2.5-ounce with a SRP of $3.59 and ship eight per case. Additionally, 0.6-ounce packs are also available with a SRP of $1.29.

“What is special about Peatos is that you have a pea-based snack that tastes like it’s made from corn,” Desai says. “This is important because it is what consumers are used to. It’s like the plant-based meat guys engineering products to replicate the experience of meat. We are looking to replicate the true ‘junk snack’ experience in every way.”