Pennsylvania Senate Commemorates Hershey Co.’s 125th Anniversary

Hershey brand mascots were on hand in the rotunda of the Pennsylvania State capitol building to help celebrate the recognition.

Harrisburg, PA — The Pennsylvania State Senate passed a resolution on October 21 commemorating the 125th anniversary of The Hershey Co. Several executives from Hershey, including the company’s U.S. President Todd Tillemans, attended the senate session where the resolution was passed.

“Milton S. Hershey founded The Hershey Company in 1894, and 125 years later it has grown to 16,500 employees around the world manufacturing more than 80 brands of snacks generating $7.8 billion in annual revenues,” said Pennsylvania Senator John DiSanto, a sponsor of the resolution. “I’m honored to represent the community that Milton Hershey built, and I am proud to sponsor this resolution celebrating The Hershey Company’s 125th Anniversary and legacy of goodness.”

Making note that the company’s iconic brands, including Hershey’s Milk Chocolate and Hershey’s Kisses generate more than $7.8 billion in annual revenue, and that it employs nearly 16,500 people worldwide, the resolution reads in part “WHEREAS, Mr. Hershey’s “Great Building Campaign” produced notable community improvements, cultural landmarks and jobs during the Great Depression; and WHEREAS, The Hershey Company has a singular purpose to make more moments of goodness and does so ethically, responsibly and compassionately; and WHEREAS, The Shared Goodness strategy for sustainability encompasses ‘our business, our planet, our communities, our children.'” C&ST

Shown pictured above left to right: Pennsylvania State Senator John DiSanto; Todd Tillemans, President, US, The Hershey Co.; Janine Smith, Deputy General Counsel and Vice President, Global Government Relations & Strategic Risk Management, The Hershey Co.; and Joanna Turner, Director, Government Relations, The Hershey Co.