Pricing Leading Factor In Non-Chocolate Purchase Decisions


Surrey, UK — New data shows that price is the most important consideration for consumers when buying non-chocolate items followed by quality, stock availability, range, layout and offers, according to research firm Shopper Intelligence.

Further, the market research company finds that confectionery ranks high as grab-and-go purchases, with factors such as product standout, ease of shopping and prominent promotional displays benefiting sales.

Of surveyed shoppers, just 53 percent say they plan to buy in the category prior to visiting a retailer, the research company reports. Among consumers that did include candy on shopping lists, 18 percent have specific brands in mind and 15 percent actually purchase those brands showing the category has a high level of brand loyalty and a high conversion rate (85 percent).

Promotional triggers prompt many unplanned purchases, with displays and special pricing among the most effective tools, according to Shopper Intelligence.