ProAmpac Develops Pouches For Justin’s With High Recycled-Material Content

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Cincinnati — Justin’s Nut Butter Covered Nuts pack in custom-made pouches constructed with 25 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials, supplier ProAmpac, LLC reports.

“This flexible package is one of the first commercial pouches for food packaging to combine such a high portion of PCR material, reducing the carbon footprint of the package without sacrificing the high-barrier snack food requirements,” says Adam Grose, ProAmpac COO. “We believe this is a pioneering step in food packaging to further enhance the sustainable advantages of a flexible format.”

The pouches use a food-contact FDA-compliant structure that reduces the need for virgin resin by using 40 percent recycled plastic content in the sealant film, which accounts for 25 percent of the total structure, according to the supplier.

The company overcame the hazy and inconsistent appearance that typical happens when using high amounts of PCR martials by combining flexographic inks and coating technologies, and optimizing the lamination process, according to Hesam Tabatabaei, ProAmpac director of research, innovation and technology.

Justin’s Founder Justin Gold says: “Finding ways to make our packaging more sustainable has been a long-time goal and continues to be something we’re committed to, so we were thrilled to find ProAmpac, a valued partner to collaborate with for this initiative on our latest innovation — Nut Butter Covered Nuts.”