ProAmpac Extends Recyclable Pack Range With QuadFlex Pouches

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ProAmpac QuadFlex No. 2Cincinnati — ProAmpac Intermediate, Inc. is extending its recyclable No. 2 Pouch flexible packaging platform with QuadFlex pouches made from a high-density polyethylene blend, according to the supplier.

The packs feature a quad-seal, flat-bottom structure that provides shelf stability while giving finished product manufacturers five panels of branding space, ProAmpac reports.

“We listened to our customers. Brand owners across multiple markets challenged ProAmpac, making it clear that a recyclable quad-seal style pouch was needed across all our markets,” says Julie Conklin, senior product market manager. “From pet food to lawn and garden, cereal and salty snacks, we believe this new pouch will be a game changer in sustainable packaging options for our customers.”

Introduced in 2011, No. 2 standup packs became the first pouch to receive approval from How2Recycle, a program that provides consumers a path to recycling flexible packaging, according to ProAmpac.