ProSweets Cologne 2016 Preview


ProSweets Cologne kicks off this week (January 31 to February 2) as hundreds of suppliers descend on Germany to learn about the latest in packaging and processing technologies from the confectionery and snacking industry. The following are just a few of the events and suppliers you can expect to see on the show floor this weekend.

Pro Sweets 2016
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Power Nuts & Cereals Event Shares Production Solutions
Hall 10.1, D40/ E43

The Power Nuts & Cereals special event will focus on the techniques and solutions for production and packaging presented by leaders in the segment, according to organizer Kolenmesse GmbH.

Aiming to give a broader picture of the industry as a whole, the discussions are set to cover the production of the German grain-based breakfast dish muesli and how it turned into a cereal bar as well as sessions on the heating, coating and packaging of these bars.

Ishida Co., LTD, Multipond Wägetechnik GmbH and Yamato Scale GmbH, will show their solutions for small target weight packaging of oily and fragile products at the event.

Speakers’ Corner Provides Industry Insights
10.1, D8

 The speakers’ corner will run daily sessions covering everything from legal defense against look-a-like products to robotics and sensor technology.

Sunday’s two sessions kick off with insights into innovations in the German food supply industry with talks from local professors and industry leaders in the country. The “Innovation” session starts at 1 p.m.

For the second session, Margret Knitter, attorney-at-law and specialist lawyer for industrial property rights at the SKW Schwarz law office, will give her advice from years of experience dealing with copycat products and dealing with everyday solutions to competition, brands, design and copyright law. Her sessions titled “Packing and Product Designs – Protection Options and Defense” starts at 3 p.m.

Packaging and labeling will dominate Monday’s sessions, with “The Future of Sweet Packaging” kicking off at 10:30 a.m. covering themes including “light-weighting,” “personalization,” “premium packing,” “colors and graphics,” “shelf life” and “e-commerce.” There will also be a talk on sensor technology at 12:30 p.m. that covers how to develop a common language for the labels.

Tuesday’s sessions will bring confectionery makers into the mix with the first session on healthy recipes for chocolate kicking off at 10:30 a.m. The talk will discuss how to comply with increased pressure from state and international forces to reduce the sugar and fat content of chocolate. The speakers’ corner will wrap up with a series of discussions the benefits of robotics in processing, packaging and surface treatments, which starts at 1 p.m.

Future Lab Presents Young, Innovative Solutions
Hall 10.1, D80/ J89 

International students will come together under the direction of professor Jenz Großhans to come up with packing concepts for sweets and snacks with themes submitted in advance. The students will present their finished solutions and interim reports several times a day throughout the conference.

Sollich Displays Enrobing, Tempering Machines
Hall 10.1, B020/ C029

Sollich North America LLC, will show a number of special confectionery machines including tempering systems, enrobing appliances, cooling tunnels and nut cluster forming equipment.

The manufacturer will have its Turbotemper series on display including the TT 1500 and TT 100, which rang in tempering capacities of 100 to 1,500kg per hour.

Sollich Enromat and Temperstatic enrobing machines will also be on display. The Enromat MC-1050 features a 1,050mm belt width for adjustments to the product coating, and is more accessible and simpler to operate than other machines, the manufacturer claims.

The company’s latest offering is the Minicoater MC 420, which is a compact enrobing machine designed for flexible use in mobile execution with its built-in tempering system.

Attendees can also expect the return of the Cluster Former CF 420 for the gathering of nuts and the Tempermeter Type E5.

Multipond weigher
Multipond weigher

Multipond Debuts New Weigher
Hall 10.1, H051 

Five years ago, Multipond Wägetechnik GmbH introduced a 28-head weigher for the confectionery industry and this year the company has expanded on the high-speed 400 series with a 36-head version, the organization announced.

The new machine, which Multipond is touting as one of the fastest combination weighers of its kind, can measure larger weights of up to 100 grams, deliver speeds 40 percent higher than conventional timing hopper concepts and meets a steep standard for hygiene, according to the company.

All components of the 36-head weigher are made in-house at Multipond’s facility in Germany, the company claims.

Gerhard Schubert TLM
Gerhard Schubert TLM

Schubert Debuts New Packaging Equipment
Hall 10.1, F020/ G029

Gerhard Schubert GmbH is set to debut what it says is a new generation of packaging machines that don’t require an electrical cabinet.

Able to handle delicate items such as pastries efficiently, Gerhard Schubert says it’s developed a packaging machine that features a modular system, which can be adapted to a customer’s requirements. The device also features a three part sub-machine system, each taking on special functions such as erecting cartons, grouping products and filling and closing containers.

The TLM machine can pack items in tubular bags, display cartons or pre-glued RSC cartons. Flowpacks can be grouped into display cartons in different configurations such as single or multiple row shapes and customized in a standing or laying down position.

Gerhard Schubert says the TLM technology is suitable for nearly any product because of its use of 3D scanners to determine the shape, volume and weight of the product.


Chocotech To Display Range Of Processing Equipment
Hall 10.1, B020/ C029

Chocotech GmbH says it will have a slew of machines on display exhibiting the full range of chocolate and candy processing equipment it offers including systems for jelly, fondant, caramel, fudge, hard and chewy candy, fruit snacks aeration systems and more.

The Ecograv is the company’s gravimetric weighing unit and buffer, which Chocotech claims saves energy through an integrated continuous dissolver that uses moisture from the corn syrup to dissolve the crystal sugar, or its sweet substitutes such as Isomalt, without having to add any to little water. The company says it can offer energy savings of 30 to 50 percent and the machine allows a dry solids level of up to 90 percent prior to cooking.

Showing off a new design, the Chocoform PSL plant, which manufactures chocolate items such as lentils, balls and eggs, will be on display and includes the new pre-cooling system improving throughput by 50 percent, the company claims.

The Jellymaster is set for presentation at the fair providing efficient production of jelly products alongside the Jellymix, which is a gravimetric weighting and feeding system that can deal with eight different colors and flavors.

Chocotech will also have its Carastar batch cooker on display as well as its assortment of kitchen equipment including the pharma range, which is available for labs up to production size kitchens.

Pro Sweets 2016: Baker Perkins 3-D deposited jellies
Baker Perkins 3-D deposited jellies

3D Deposited Jellies Make Waves Into Pharmaceuticals
Hall 10.1, 044

Baker Perkins Ltd. will introduce a line of equipment producing 3D-deposited jellies that focus not just on the confectionery side, but also the medical and dietary market.

The company will display its latest machine featuring a depositor with a hinged mould, which the company says produces complex 3D shapes while maintaining a high efficiency output with low production costs.

The 3D technology allows producers to create spherical shapes, fruits — such as raspberries, strawberries and pears — and opens the door to branded merchandising opportunities with animal or cartoon characters.

Baker Perkins reports an output of 600 to 1,200 kg/hour with jellies produced in a variety of two-color combinations, creating stripes, layers and centers that can include liquid fillings. Lollipop formats are also available with the addition of a stick-placing unit.

The company says its presentation will focus on how 3D-deposited jellies have expanded beyond the snacking industry, with uses in pharmaceutical, sports and nutrition markets. Baker Perkins reports jellies can be an effective vehicle for daily vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, folic acid and Omega-3s as well as its applications in the sports nutrition market from portable energy supplements to recovery products. Medicated products are one of the biggest sectors of growth, according to the equipment company, citing the use of antiseptics, menthol and eucalyptus oil to alleviate the symptoms of a common cold.

Compared to older technologies such as die forming, starch mogul or cut and wrap, Baker Perkins believes its 3D-deposited jellies can provide higher quality, increased flexibility and reduced production costs.

Pro Sweets 2016: Tanis T-Gel
Tanis T-Gel

Tanis Confectionery Introduces More Accurate Gum, Jelly Production
Hall 10.1, C008

Displaying its solutions to sluggish line productivity and dosing accuracy in gummie production, Tanis Confectionery will demonstrate its 3D printed model of T-Gel Moulding at its stand.

According to the company, the machine is the culmination of developed ideas designed to solve the common mechanical and contamination challenges present in modern starch-based depositors and their moguls. Through innovations in mould board line feeding and double tipping, the company says its machine results in less product strings and starch contamination and far more accurate single piece dosing.

T-Gel Moulding is an extension of the company’s T-Gel product family, Tanis reports.

Pro Sweets 2016: Crown Holdings, Inc. Packaging
Crown Holdings, Inc. Packaging

Packaging Company Brings Interactive Solutions To Tins
Hall 10.1, J010

Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe, the metal packaging technology arm of Crown Holdings, Inc., is presenting a range of innovations including interactive packaging and solutions for new tin shapes.

LED lighting is now available for the company’s tin packaging, allowing products such as biscuits and confectionery metal items to standout during seasonal promotions. Crown will also have GiftTag technology on display, which allows consumers to embed a personalized video message onto the pack using a QR code.

Attendees can also view the company’s extended Seated End range, which now includes rectangular and round shaped tins that hide the curled seam at the base of these packs. The company says these new technologies will help brands develop premium packaging to compete in a crowded biscuit and confectionery tin market.

“In order to convey the brand’s individual identity, it needs original, one-of-a-kind packaging that grabs shoppers’ attention and conveys the quality of the product within, before consumers have had a chance to taste it,” says Veronique Curulla, European marketing director for Crown Aerosols and Specialty Packaging Europe. “With Crown’s expertise and technology, we can provide customers with a fully-customized product to meet their quality standards and support them in optimizing production line efficiency, giving them peace of mind when introducing a new packaging format.”

ProSweets 2016: Gocmen Machine Wafer Baking Oven
Gocmen Machine Wafer Baking Oven

An Easier Way To Produce Wafer Sheets
Hall 10.1, A035

Gocmen Machine Ind. Ltd. Co. will be displaying its Wafer Baking Oven, which produces wafer sheets on thee plate sizes with 32, 41, 61, 71 or 81 plates at once. The company says the plate’s surface pattern can be manufactured plane or customized to a customer’s desired size.

Other features include automatic sheet taking, an inner cabin light, energy saving over heat insulation, a pneumatic back tension system and a main drive with a frequency-controlled reduction system.


Six Machines From Aasted Will Be On Display
Hall 10.1, F011 

Aasted ApS will have on display a number of products ranging from a depositor to its tempering machine.

The company claims its Alice extruder and depositor is known for its “gentle” handling of dough, giving bakery and confectionery products flexibility.

Aasted’s Energy Enrober is a designed for all common enrobing tasks with tempered or non-tempered chocolate, and is built for non-stop production of bakery, biscuit and confectionery products. The company says its patented energy solution ensures savings over long-term production cycles.

Applying a special seal technique to create shells, Aasted’s FrozenCone technology utilizes the original patented method used to cold-press chocolate. The company says it is ideal for precision moulded chocolate using air dynamic cones and fail-safe independently suspended plungers to deliver a high level of accuracy. The machine also eliminates excess mass thanks to a patented rim plate.

The company claims its Nielsen cooling tunnel is now cooler than ever with a new design making it more sanitary. For those who need to meet strict sanitary guidelines, the upgrade allows users to remove all interior plates and the blower system for a deep clean. The tunnel ranges from 320mm to 2,600mm.

Orbit Aeration is the latest machine in the company’s fat crystallizer and aerator family, allowing manufacturers to both cool and aerate fat-based fillings and pump it directly into a depositor with no extra cooling or mature time needed. The machine comes with some added benefits such as easier production handling as well as pumpable and homogeneous ready-to-use masses.

Finally, Aasted’s SuperNova Energy tempering machine promises chocolate with a better gloss and crispier break at 50 to 80 percent reduction in energy consumption. The tempering machine covers straight heat exchanging of any pumpable mass, highly precise Beta crystals in high-quality chocolate mass and everything in between.

NoveroWhitening Agents, Adhesive Powders Dominate Norevo Offerings
Hall 10.1, D044/E045

Norevo GmbH is introducing its Quick Coll adhesive and polishing powder machine and its Quick White whitening agent. Promising to minimize the rub-off effect and generate a shiny surface, Quick Coll is used for snacks such as spice-coated nuts and other convenience snack items. Quick White replaces the titanium dioxide in the recipe of pan-coated sugar dragees and creates a crunchier sugar crust.