Quality Candy Buys FB Washburn, Sevigny’s Hard Candy Brands


Henderson, NV — Quality Candy Co., LLC has purchased the FB Washburn and Sevigny’s hard candy and candy ribbon brands from FB Washburn Candy Corp. along with some manufacturing equipment.

Laurie Redmond, president and co-CEO of Quality Candy says the purchase was motivated by the synergies the brands have with the company’s current line of nostalgic brands, including King Leo and Gilliam. “We are confident the brands’ historic appeal coupled with Quality Candy’s established reputation for quality of product and excellence of service will be well received by consumers who have enjoyed these products for generations,” she says.

The company is currently working on products for the 2020 holiday season, according to Eric Holler, vice-president, national sales, Quality Candy. He tells Candy & Snack TODAY plans include offering hard and filled candies in traditional composite cans as well as developing new packaging formats. “We plan to make improvements to both the packaging and quality of the candy,” he says, adding that relocating production to the company’s facility in Mexico will enable Quality Candy to better serve customers nationwide. “The brands had been based on the east coast and this now gives us the ability to bring the products to west coast retailers and consumers,” he explains.

Holler says the company plans to offer three SKUs for the 2020 winter holiday season across both the FB Washburn and Sevigny’s lines, focusing on volume drivers for both new and existing customers.