Reducing Waste, Clean Label 2.0 Among Mintel’s 2018 Pack Trends


Chicago — Packaging playing a pivotal role in waste reduction and brands adopting clear and succinct on-pack messaging are two of the leading packaging trends Mintel Group Ltd. expects to make waves in 2018.

“Our packaging trends for 2018 reflect the most current and forward-looking consumer attitudes, actions and purchasing behaviors in both global and local markets,” says David Luttenberger, global packaging direct for Mintel. “Such trends as those we see emerging in ecommerce packaging have stories that are just now being written. Others, such as the attacks on plastics, are well into their third or even fourth chapters, but with no clear ending in sight.”

Following are five trends Mintel expects to see in packaging this coming year:

Packaged Planet: Consumer culture is shifting to better understand and embrace the role packs can play in reducing global food and product waste. Mintel anticipates a focus on packaging innovations that extend food freshness, preserve ingredient fortification and ensure safe delivery.

Shifts To Improve Ecommerce: While the convenience of online shopping endures it to consumers, shoppers still expect the experience with packaging to mirror what they would find in stores. Mintel notes manufacturers should consider how packs will be viewed online and the transit packaging to deliver on-brand experiences.

Clean Label 2.0: While consumers clamor for more information, brands run the danger of being rejected by shoppers if they present too much detail on packs. Brand owners should seek to provide “a moment of calm and clarity for shoppers in an increasingly hectic retail environment,” according to Mintel.

Sea Change: Plastic adrift in oceans is becoming a catalyst for rethinking packaging in ways consumers can understand and act on. In an effort to keep plastic from entering waterways, a renewed effort toward the circular economy is needed to increase packaging material reusability.

Reinvigorating Center Store: With millennial and gen Z consumers spending more time shopping store perimeter, Mintel reports the use of transparent materials, contemporary designs, recyclability and unique shapes in packaging can draw these consumers back to center-store aisles.