Royal Ingredients Debuts Heylo Sugar Alternative


New York — Made from water extracted stevia and all-natural dietary fibers from Acacia trees, Heylo sugar alternative has no taste, texture or gut health trade-offs associated with alternative sweeteners, according to Royal Ingredients LLC, which is introducing the ingredient.

The patented sugar alternative is a prebiotic, and is entirely free from artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Additionally, Heylo has no diuretic effect, a zero glycemic index value and no calories, according to Royal Ingredients, which is the U.S. operations of ED&F Man Ltd., one of the largest global sugar distributors.

Heylo has successfully been used in chocolate, non-carbonated beverages, peanut butters, dairy products and bakery. The sugar alternative is available in organic brown sugar alternative, white sugar alternative and liquid form, the supplier reports.

“We have long recognized the need for a truly viable sugar alternative, as consumers needs and tastes are changing,” says Kevin Burke, general manager of Royal Ingredients. “We have also long been disappointed in the taste, texture and health trade-offs of what’s on the market — until we discovered Heylo. What we have now is a product that can serve as a competitive advantage for any brand looking to eliminate added sugar without any trade off in taste or texture.”