Sensory Experiences Can Lift In-Store Sales 10%


Austin, TX — Sensory marketing has a positive emotional, cognitive and behavioral impact when shopping in brick-and-mortar locations, according to in-store media provider Mood Media Corp., which reports that when sensory experiences are applied sales can increase by as much as 10 percent. 2019 Power Of Sensory Study US8 Longer Dwell Times

In addition to increased sales, retailers deploying sensorial elements have seen dwell times grow by six minutes, on average.

“Knowing that 78 percent of shoppers say an enjoyable atmosphere plays a key factor in purchasing a product in-store versus online, we partnered with Walnut Unlimited to develop unique behavioral and neuromarketing quantitative research that demonstrates how shoppers react first-hand to specific sensory experiences,” says Scott Moore, global CMO of Mood Media. “The results speak for themselves. A strategic top-level approach to incorporating in-store sensorial elements creates a measurable emotional response with consumers that delivers bottom-line results.”

When employing sensory features in-store, shopper purchased more items and higher priced products, according to Mood Media.

Further, unusual quiet and spacing lacking sensorial elements can cause consumers to become self-conscious, as 17 percent report becoming more emotionally sensitive and uncomfortable in stimulant-free environments.