Sky Bar Is Back In Production


Sudbury, MA — Sky Bars, which have been off the market since the closing of NECCO, are now back in production, according to Sky Bar Confectionary Co. The brand was purchased by Louise Mawhinney, owner of specialty retail shop Duck Soup, in September 2018.

At this time orders can only be placed at Duck Soup and online, according to the company. Availability will expand nationwide starting in 2020. Production is housed in a “showcase facility” next to the Sudbury store, according to Mawhinney, who says: “You can see Sky Bars being made. Think of a craft beer marker, except this is a candy bar.”

“We hope Sky Bar fans will love the bar as much as we do: We went back to the 1970’s recipe for a richer chocolate and maintained local roots by sourcing peanuts from Teddie (Massachusetts-based peanut butter and nut supplier) and incorporating Fluff into our vanilla section,” says Mawhinney. “We are proud to be making the Sky Bar in Massachusetts, which is its home.”

The bars will carry a $1.98 SRP, Mawhinney tells Candy & Snack TODAY, noting the biggest challenge in the relaunch was refining the manufacturing process.

The bars, which have caramel, vanilla, peanut and fudge centers, are just the latest NECCO brand to reemerge following the company’s closing. For an overview of where the rest of the shuttered-company’s brands have landed, see the September/October issue of Candy & Snack TODAY.