Sonoma Buys Krave Jerky

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Plant-based jerky was the latest addition to the Krave brand.
Plant-based jerky was the latest addition to the Krave brand.

Sonoma, CA — Krave Jerky is having something of a homecoming, as The Hershey Co. has sold the meat snack line to Sonoma Brands for an undisclosed sum. Jon Sebastiani, founder and managing partner of Sonoma Brands, launched Krave in 2009 and sold the brand to the candymaker in 2015.

“Krave is a great brand with a loyal fanbase who appreciate its innovative gourmet flavors and culinary roots tracing back to its origins in Sonoma, CA,” says Hector de la Barreda, president of Hershey’s Amplify Snack Brands division. “We look forward to its success with a different go-to-market model under the guidance of founder Jon Sebastiani.”

While with Hershey, the line expanded and now includes meat cuts, pork rinds and plant-based jerky.

KRAVE introduces new Pork Rinds in Al Pastor and Chili Lime“I have always had a great relationship with The Hershey Company and watched them grow Krave,” says Sebastiani. “From expanding Krave’s product offerings to dipping into the plant-based category and increasing worldwide distribution, Krave is in a great spot to come back home to Sonoma where we can continue the brand’s fantastic momentum as a category leader.”

After selling Krave Jerky, Sebastiani started Sonoma Brands and launched the Smashmallow line. Sonoma also controls Dang coconut chips, chocolate and snack maker Hu Kitchen as well as natural health and beauty, beverages and wine brands.