#StayHomeWithChocolate Festival Supporting Small Chocolatiers


Fine Cacao And Chocolate Institute StayHomeWithChocolate

Boston — To help see small chocolatiers through shutdowns and other disruptions caused by coronavirus, the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute (FCCI) is hosting the #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival. The digital event, running March 24 to 28, stretches across five continents with interactive programming to learn about and purchase chocolate, FCCI reports.

A significant number of small chocolate companies surveyed indicted a drop in social consumption “poses an existential threat” to their businesses, according to FCCI.

Taking place on Instagram Live, the chocolate celebration will feature companies hand-selected for their focus on quality and ethics. The program will include live tours of chocolate factories, cacao farms, guided chocolate tastings, cooking with chocolate demos and the chance to purchase products, FCCI reports. All content, when possible, will be archived on YouTube.