Storytelling, Sustainability Among Innova’s 2020 Trends


Chicago — Shoppers’ interest in sustainability and plant-based products will continue, while storytelling and ingredient provenance are expected to play bigger roles, according to Innova Market Insight’s 2020 trends report.

The market research company highlighted the follow five trends as ones to watch in the new year:

Winning With Words: While ingredients and their sources have always been important, consumers’ interests in learning more about where their food comes from and how it is produced has hit critical mass. Shopper interest in learning more about items gives manufacturers the opportunity to relay the benefits while building trust in the brand.

Plant-Based Rolls On: Consumer interest in health, sustainability and ethics is continuing to propel the plant-based alternatives sector.

Importance Of Sustainability: Innova reports that 85 percent, on average, of U.S. and UK consumers expect companies to invest in sustainability in 2019, up from 64 percent in 2018. When it comes to food waste, upcycling is the new recycling as manufacturers strive to achieve a zero-waste approach.

The Right Bite: As lifestyles become more hectic, many shoppers are aiming to balance the benefits and costs of busy lifestyles. This is increasing the demand for easy to prepare, convenient and portable products. Further, indulgent treats are playing a more important role in relaxation and enjoyment.

Discovering Texture: Shoppers are still seeking out new experiences from foods and manufacturers responded as evidenced by a rise in product launches making texture claims. Innova reports 45 percent of U.S. and UK consumers are influenced by texture when making purchases, while 68 percent are of the opinion that texture contributes to a more interesting experience.