Sustainable Coconut Oil Program Reaches 4,100 Farmers


Singapore — Between October 2015 and October 2019, the Sustainable Certified Coconut Oil Production program (SCNO) trained more than 4,100 coconut farmers in good agricultural and processing practices and farm management, while 1,600 received additional training to meet Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Agriculture Standards, Cargill, Inc. reports.

Farmers that have been trained and certified have seen productivity rise 26 percent and have income 47 percent higher than farmers who haven’t been trained, the supplier reports. The sustainability programs are focused on growers in the Philippines and Indonesia, the world’s two largest producers of coconuts and exporters of coconut-based products.

SCNO is a joint venture between Cargill, BASF, Procter & Gamble and the Deutsche Gesellscharft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH. The program was commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Jonathan Sumpaico, general manager, Cargill Grain & Oilseed Supply Chain, Philippines says: “We are able to significantly improve the economic opportunities and living standards for farmers and their families through this partnership. In turn, we are lifting up their communities, which are primarily in rural and developing areas. Cargill will continue to scale our support, based on the great work already achieved with smallholder coconut farmers to increase their agricultural productivity and incomes while advancing the supply of sustainable coconut oil in the world.”