Tech-Driven Customer Service Preferred Over Store Associate Help


Northbrook, IL — Many shoppers are moving away from hands-on, personalized service from store associates, as 95 percent of consumers want to be left alone while shopping unless they absolutely need help, according to a survey of 2,900 North American consumers from HRC Retail Advisory.

A majority of shoppers reported a preference for in-store technology for customer service needs. In fact, 85 percent of survey respondents said they’d rather be able to check prices with a scanner than have to ask a sales associate for pricing information, according to HRC Retail.

The survey also found that 30 percent of shoppers rank free in-store Wi-Fi as important, HRC Retail reports. Further, 29 percent of respondents said in-store apps that provide personal recommendations are important, compared with 17 percent that ranked store associates recommendations as important.

“As consumers begin favoring in-store technology over sales associates while they shop, retailers must adapt to shopper expectations in the store environment,” says Farla Efros, president of HRC Retail. “Identifying the right technologies and pairing it with the right in-store experience for shoppers of different generations will be critical to retailers’ long-term success. Those that curate and customize the store experience and services to suit shoppers’ needs will see the benefits.”