The Powerful Story of Our Industry


At NCA’s State of the Industry Conference in March, I was inspired by the energy, engagement and optimism exhibited as we move toward our vibrant future.

Making chocolate, candy, gum and mints, our industry plays an important role in the U.S. economy. We create and support good-paying jobs across the board as we source our ingredients and move our products to the marketplace.

We have a great story to tell as it relates to our economic impact, our member companies’ commitment to responsibility and transparency, and the unique role chocolate and candy play in promoting emotional well-being in a happy, balanced lifestyle.

ECONOMIC IMPACT: The Power of Sweet

Our industry employs 55,000 Americans, with another 410,000 U.S. workers whose jobs rely in part on the products we manufacture. For every job in U.S. confectionery manufacturing, there are an additional seven American jobs supported in related industries.


In 2017, several leading confectionery companies came together with the Partnership for a Healthier America to help our consumers. The participating companies in the Always A Treat Initiative – Ferrara Candy Co., Ferrero, Ghirardelli, Lindt, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Nestle USA and Russell Stover – have taken a leadership role and committed to giving consumers more options in smaller pack sizes, portion guidance and clear calorie labels right on the front of pack.

These efforts build on what has already been done by many of our other member companies, including Brown & Haley, Goetze’s Candy, The Hershey Company, Impact Confections, Jelly Belly, Just Born, The Promotion In Motion Cos., Inc. and Spangler Candy, among others.

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING: Chocolate and Candy are Fun and Unique

Consumers view our products for what they are – a treat. Treating is connected to emotional well-being, which 3 out of 4 Americans have said is just as important as physical well-being. Almost 90 percent of Americans have said that a world without chocolate and candy is no world at all.

When we’re advocating for our industry in Washington, D.C., these are messages that work. This spring, most of our advocacy efforts will focus on encouraging modernization of the U.S. sugar program. Our forward-thinking approach calls on Congress to say to fairness, yes to competitiveness and yes to protecting and creating American jobs! You can learn more about the industry’s efforts to reform the sugar program by visiting

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