Three Emerging Seasonal Chocolate Trends



London — Limited-edition items, personalized products and integrated marketing are among the trends expected to move the seasonal chocolate market in the future, according to research firm Technavio.

“The market’s growth rate can be attributed to the increase in individual consumption of chocolates, coupled with the growing global population,” says Manjunath Reddy, lead food research analyst. “Overall, the rising demand for chocolate is expected to remain strong with steady improvement in the global economy and popularity of chocolates in new, developing markets.”

By offering limited-edition seasonal variations, manufacturers can keep current consumers interested while attracting new shoppers, Technavio reports. In addition, limited-edition seasonal chocolates tend to be purchased as gifts more often regularly offered holiday items.

Further, manufacturers should leverage an integrated marketing campaign that includes traditional print as well as digital outlets to build product awareness for seasonal chocolates.

The trend of personalized products gains steam during holiday periods, according to Technavio, when consumers are seeking ways to make loved ones feel special.

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