TNA Buys Mogul Supplier NID

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Sydney, Australia — Food processing and packaging equipment supplier TNA Solutions Pty. Ltd., has purchased NID Pty. Ltd., a manufacturer of starch moulding equipment. The acquisition is part of TNA’s long-term strategic plan of becoming a single-source supplier to the confectionery industry.

Mark Lozano, TNA divisional sales manager – North America, who will head up the confectionery business in the Americas, says: “With NID, we’ve expanded our capabilities into confectionery processing including gummies, jellies, marshmallows, fondant creams, licorice and crusted liqueur products.

“We’re already very involved in the confectionery industry with our weighing, distribution and packaging solutions,” says Lozano. “With the acquisition of NID, we are able to offer confectionery manufacturers an even broader portfolio. We can provide confectionery manufacturers a single point of contact for a much wider range of products.”

During the next few months, Lozano points out, the company will focus on providing NID with additional resources to boost the production of innovative confectionery equipment. “The NID team has some great ideas already and with our support they will be able to accelerate their innovation process and ensure customers get access to these innovations much faster,” he tells CST.

TNA and NID executives finalize the purchase of the company.
(l to r) front: Mark Mueller, CEO of NID Pty Ltd., and Alf Taylor, CEO of TNA Solutions Pty. Ltd., sign the papers finalizing the acquisition, while Edward Smagarinsky, NID COO, and Bob Fritz, chief business development officer for TNA, look on.

Lozano stresses that the integration of NID is a priority, noting the whole NID team has already been brought into the TNA family.

He says one of the most important tasks for the U.S. confectionery team is to notify current NID customers and outline the benefits this acquisition brings to them. This includes access to TNA’s experienced sales and service team, its five manufacturing sites, its well-established global distribution network with 30 offices around the world and access to a much wider product portfolio.

The U.S. is a key market for NID’s technology, and the company plans to focus efforts on this region to ensure a smooth transition for its customers. “A lot of NID’s customers are already TNA customers — for them it will be a very easy transition. In addition, our on-the-ground presence through our Dallas office will make it even easier for U.S. customers to speak directly to us and expedite the service they require.”

Lozano adds TNA’s strong background in R&D and commitment to constant innovation, means NID customers will also benefit from the innovation updates TNA is offering its current customers.

“For us, the key to long-term commercial success is technology that sets new standards,” Lozano says. “Our ultimate goal is to equip today’s food manufacturers with technology capable of continuous improvement, setting them up for the next stage of food production. Whether that’s ultra-high speed packaging systems or ground-breaking starch moulding equipment, we will make sure our equipment doesn’t just meet the requirements of today, but will also easily adapt to future needs.”

“NID was the perfect fit for TNA,” says Alf Taylor, CEO and co-founder of TNA. “We share so many similarities. Both are family-owned businesses that started out with a passion for innovation, entrepreneurship and the determination to design equipment that could ‘do better’ and go one step further than anything that’s been before. NID’s first designs were ground breaking at the time and not only challenged industry standards, but also played a key role in developing the confectionery industry. ”

“Our long-term goal is to deliver the ultimate in integrated food processing and packaging solutions,” says Bob Fritz, chief business development officer. The company is the only supplier able to offer complete production lines for the French fry and snack industries, he adds.

“NID’s equipment is based on the same concept of mechanical simplicity and accessibility as our own technology,” says Fritz. “This ensures food manufacturers benefit from the highest level of equipment reliability, ultimate ease of use and complete investment security.”

The company says it plans to further expand its capabilities to become a truly single source supplier of processing and packaging equipment.