TNA Opens Sales, Support Office In Moscow

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Moscow — Furthering its support of manufacturers in Russia, the Baltics and the Commonwealth of Independent States, TNA Solutions Pty Ltd. has opened an office for its TNA Eurasia LLC subsidiary.

Located in the heart of one of Moscow’s key business districts, Eurasia will be managed by Alexandra Simakova, the supplier reports. She brings more than 15 years of experience in sales, business development and service management to the position.

Peter Oussoren, chief sales officer for TNA, says: “We see immense potential in the region with more and more manufacturers looking for high-speed technology that can help them reach the same throughput with a single piece of equipment. Whether that’s a high-capacity fryer or ultra high-speed packaging system, with our advanced turnkey technology, food manufacturers can cater to the increasing demand while maximizing their return on investment.”