Topps’ Jacobs On The Importance Of Industry’s PAC

CandyPAC Chairman Tony Jacobs, of The Topps Co., Inc., explains supporting the political action committee is vital to ensuring the industry’s concerns are heard by policymakers.

Chicago — In the contemptuous environment of current DC politics, delivering the honest message of the industry over the din of special interests is becoming increasingly difficult. This makes strengthening of NCA’s CandyPAC absolutely critical for getting the category’s concerns heard on Capitol Hill, says Tony Jacobs, president of The Topps Co., Inc.’s Global Confectionery Brands division and CandyPAC chairman.

“The PAC is our conduit to political leaders and is so important for the industry, especially now with so many issues facing the business,” says Jacobs. “We have a great message, but we have to get it heard.”

While the CandyPAC focuses on supporting legislators that understand the industry’s concerns, Jacobs says it goes beyond partisanship and politics. “These issues and supporting the PAC are so important to the bottom line of all of our businesses.”

Although sugar reform is top of mind for everyone in the industry, he points out other regulations are just as critical to address.

“Again, this isn’t about politics, issues such as labeling regulations can have a huge impact on the industry,” he gives as an example, adding rhetorically: “Is there anyone here that doesn’t have labels?” CST