Torie & Howard Make Large Product Donations To Four Charities

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New Milford, CT — Organic candymaker Torie & Howard, LLC has donated more than 100,000 packs of Chewie Fruities, and 14,400 tins and 8,275 pounds of bulk hard candy to four charities, the company reports.

Donations were made to the Los Angeles Regional Food Back, which aids more than 300,000 people monthly; Warrior Food Project, an organization devoted to helping hungry and homeless U.S. veterans; the Drug and Crime Free Youth Foundation in Los Angeles and the Los Angeles Ronald McDonald House, according to Torie & Howard.

“When we founded the company, our intension always was to support worthy causes as we were able to grow our proceeds to the point where we could give back,” says Torie Burke, company co-founder. “We feel fortunate that we are at the point of making a substantial donation that we hope will add a bit of sweetness to the lives of many who are facing challenges in life.”