U.S. Policy Driving Down Jobs In Sugar-Using Industries

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Washington — Between 1997 and 2014, jobs in sugar-using industries decreased 18 percent, with the U.S. sugar policy driving much of that decline, according to the Coalition For Sugar Reform.

The jobs being impacted are in some of America’s leading manufacturing sectors such as cereal, bread and bakery production, frozen foods, canned fruits and vegetables and confectionery.

In addition, for every sugar-growing job saved through government-mandated support of U.S. sugar producers, approximately three manufacturing jobs are lost, according to the Coalition. Further, the program costs U.S. consumers and businesses up to $3.5 billion annually.

John H. Downs, Jr., Coalition chairman and president and CEO of NCA, says: “American manufacturers are at a competitive disadvantage today because of the way congress and the sugar lobby have designed U.S. sugar policy and, over time, the U.S. sugar program has proven to be a job killer. It’s time for congress to reform the outdated program.