U.S. Representatives Walorski, Kuster Launch Congressional Candy Caucus In Conjunction With National Candy Month



WASHINGTON (June 16, 2016) – U.S. Representatives Jackie Walorski (R-IN) and Annie Kuster (D-NH) today announced the establishment of the Congressional Candy Caucus, which recognizes and highlights the economic impact, responsibility commitments and community involvement of candy manufacturers in all 50 states. The Congressional Candy Caucus is a bipartisan effort formed to acknowledge the American candy industry’s long history of creating jobs and making some of the world’s most iconic brands that consumers enjoy.

The confectionery industry provides 55,000 manufacturing jobs in more than 1,000 facilities across the country, and has a direct economic impact of $35 billion. For every 1 job that the industry creates in manufacturing, another 7 are supported in related fields like retail, agriculture and shipping.

“Candy manufacturers like the South Bend Chocolate Company in my district have a long and lasting tradition of not only making Americans’ favorite treats but creating good jobs and growing our economy,” Congresswoman Walorski said. “I’m thrilled we are starting the Congressional Candy Caucus to recognize the vital role the candy industry plays in our communities and to keep our colleagues aware of the issues that matter to these businesses.”

“A strong middle class is the backbone of our nation, and the confectionery industry has a long and proud history of creating jobs for Americans,” Congresswoman Kuster said. “If our country is to continue to succeed in today’s global economy, we must make sure that we protect and advocate for the industries at our core. Today, I am proud to announce the creation of the Congressional Candy Caucus, which will help inform legislators of the industry’s contributions towards small business growth and job creation across the country, beyond the sweet treats that we all enjoy. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to join Rep. Walorski and me in this important work.”

The announcement of the Congressional Candy Caucus comes as the industry is celebrating June as National Candy Month. Throughout the month, members of the industry have been helping Americans celebrate by highlighting sweet innovation in chocolate, candy, gum and mints, and spotlighting the men and women who make the special treats that have played an important and unique role in cultural traditions and seasonal celebrations for thousands of years.

“From candy and chocolate to gum and mints, the confectionery industry has a unique role in American manufacturing that is critical to the economic strength of communities across the country,” John Downs, President and CEO of the National Confectioners Association, said. “We applaud Rep. Walorski and Rep. Kuster for their leadership and commitment to this classic American manufacturing success story.”

Many of America’s candy companies have been family-owned for generations. These companies not only make the treats that people love, but are also important job creators. With support from the Congressional Candy Caucus, the confectionery industry will continue to promote job creation, and provide consumers with the information, options and support they need to enjoy the occasional, affordable, transparent, and fun treat.


The National Confectioners Association is the trade organization representing the $35 billion U.S. confections industry. NCA and its members value the fun and enjoyment of chocolate, candy, gum and mints, serving as a transparent and trustworthy source while building and promoting a responsible industry. As the leading trade association for the industry, NCA is proud of the role it plays in the public’s understanding and appreciation of candy’s unique role in a happy, balanced lifestyle. For more information, visit www.CandyUSA.com.

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