Utz Teams With WeStock ‘Crowd-Stocking’ App


Hanover, PA — Utz Quality Foods, LLC has become affiliated with the WeStock “crowd-stocking” app, which allows consumers to discover and request products, in turn influencing retail purchasing decisions, according to the snack maker.

“In this rapidly changing, data-driven marketplace, we were impressed with WeStock’s ability to help shoppers find more interesting and unique foods,” says Mark Schreiber, executive vice-president & chief customer officer for Utz. “We look forward to helping WeStock expand their user-base while ensuring shoppers can find Utz brands anytime, anyplace.”

The move makes Utz the largest-brand partner for the app, which now offers more than 150 brands on its platform. Launched in February, the app generates demand information, and also notifies shoppers when a specific product is available and where they can buy it.

“We are very excited to have Utz Quality Foods become a major brand-partner with WeStock,” says Cameron McCarthy, CEO and co-founder, WeStock. “Utz Quality Foods and its portfolio of well-known brands brings an opportunity to help put WeStock into many more hands while also generating more locations and placements of Utz brands snack food products.”