Yowie Supporting Wildlife Conservation With Surprise Egg Line

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Chicago — Yowie Group Ltd. is supporting the Wildlife Conservation Society through its fourth edition to its Surprise series, with a portion of net proceeds from every chocolate sold between June 2018 and July 2019 going to the conservation organization, according to the company. Carton of Yowie product.

The surprise egg line features limited-edition, collectible endangered species figurines and leaflets with details on the animals’ habitat, food sources and treats, according to Yowie. The new edition will feature 26 animals or characters and includes species such as the Siberian tiger, Sumatran orangutan, humpback whale and Kipunji monkey.

“The Wildlife Conservation Society is a perfect partner for Yowie,” says Cove Overley, global chief marketing officer. “As we look at the future of wildlife we need to align our mission and spirit to organizations that not only educate the public but activate in the field. It is our mission to expand this awareness across the globe.”