Three Quarters of Americans Celebrate Halloween with Candy


A new survey released by the National Confectioners Association found that up to 77 percent of Americans are likely to purchase candy to participate in traditional Halloween activities this year. Among the survey’s findings is that parents are using fun Halloween festivities to teach their children about enjoying candy in moderation, with a variety of approaches. The survey also found that the majority of Americans prefer to give out small size-treats to the pirates and princesses that knock on doors asking that familiar refrain: “Trick or Treat?”

NCA estimates that Americans will support candy jobs this Halloween by spending $2.7 billion on sweet treats. Despite this important economic boost, the new NCA survey shows that Americans are continuing to enjoy candy responsibly. In fact, nearly 90 percent of parents will use Halloween as an opportunity to talk to their children about moderation as it relates to candy.

The survey’s other findings include:

Exercising Moderation by Sharing

The vast majority of Americans (85 percent) give out miniature- or snack-size candy at Halloween. These little treats make enjoying candy in moderation easier for the 80 percent of people that believe we should have candy on Halloween so long as we do so as part of a balanced lifestyle.

Monitoring the Candy Stash

Parents certainly get in on the sharing during Halloween, with 72 percent saying they sample their children’s Halloween stashes whether the children know it or not. Eighty-five percent of parents have a plan for keeping tabs on their children’s candy consumption in the days after Halloween. Some (37 percent) limit the number of pieces their children can have each day, while others (26 percent) take full responsibility as gatekeeper by doling out the candy themselves. Other tactics include setting limits on the overall amount of candy children can keep or setting guidelines based on a general calorie count.

Chocolate Remains America’s Favorite

Chocolate in all its varieties is the star of Halloween, with 68 percent of people saying it is their favorite Halloween treat. Traditional Halloween candy corn comes in second with 10 percent enjoying it the most. Chewy candy is preferred by 7 percent of people, as is gummy candy. The remaining 9 percent includes everyone who named another type candy as their favorite including gum or mints, lollipops, caramels and licorice.